Friday, 2 October 2009

Ready for Rio

In these changeable September days it’s hard to predict whether tomorrow will be sunny and warm or depths-of-winter chilly. If you have neither the time nor the inclination to endure the rigmarole of exfoliating, moisturising and fake-tanning just in case the sun shows its face; all those with pale pins reach for RioBlush City Girl Firming Leg Shimmer.

This stuff is genius. Developed by make-up artist, Kyra Panchenko, while working on the Sex and The City movie, it rehydrates skin and imparts a soft-focus bronze shimmer that makes legs look tanned and slinky. The clever formula also does double-duty by working to diminish cellulite and tone the skin. It even smells luscious! I needed something to take the edge of my lilywhites for a wedding at the weekend – it looked so good I slapped some on my arms and collarbone too! I've been able to avoid fake tan and that god-awful fried fat smell all summer because of this nifty cream. Definitely near the top of my (massive) must-have list!

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