Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bargain Beauty - Parissa Wax Strips

I had a negative experience with a home-waxing kit years ago; huge, fat sheets of wax flipping all over the place and sticking to everything, impossible to hold them taut etc. It was a (painful) disaster and one I quickly abandoned. However, when a friend recommended Parissa recently I decided it was time for Round Two. Hand me the ibuprofen.

The Parissa Wax Strips – Face & Bikini set contains eight tiny, double-sided wax strips, each about the size of a plaster. The strips split into two, which gives you enough pieces to do either several modest bikini waxes or one full-on Paris Hilton.

First off: if you’re no good at inflicting pain on yourself, these strips aren’t for you. Having been to a salon for a ‘Hollywood’ in the past, I remember how painful it was, and I’d say it was about the same as using this kit. (Mind you, I did come away with sticky bits of wax on me, so it probably wasn’t the best experience: never trust a beautician with wicker furniture.) However, if you can take a bit of pain, the results I had were excellent, and definitely worth the effort. 

Afterwards you will be left with the charming plucked-chicken effect, but Parissa have a solution for this. Each of their waxing kits comes with a glass vial of azulene oil. This wonder-stuff instantly soothes post-waxed skin, as well as helping to prevent ingrowing hairs. By the next day my skin was back to normal; not remotely sore or irritated. I was very impressed. I didn’t get one ingrown hair either. I then enjoyed weeks of carefree bikini time, without a single stray hair to spoil my fun. 

Parissa is available from Boots, Whole Foods and Fresh and Wild. This kit costs around £7.99. 

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  1. i've been using veet (formerly immac) for years now and i think its pretty good. some brands really are dreadful, havent tried this one though.


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