Friday, 22 January 2010

Chanel's Mushroom Love

Being a bit of a beauty blogger (I wrote for Beauty Guerrillas too), I get sent a lot of press releases and also enjoy reading about new products as featured on all my fav blogs. I see so much stuff, most of it very lovely, that I don't often get over-excited about a new release. I’m rarely drawn into PR hype either. All this makes me feel like even more of a schmuck for what I’m about to say… I WANT CHANEL PARTICULIÈRE! And I mean really want.

I enjoy painting my nails occasionally and favour neutrals, dark colours or reds for fingernails. You will never see me wear yellow, blue, purple or green, partly because they remind me of the polishes I bought when I was young, which instantly puts me off, and partly because I just can’t carry 'whacky' colours on my pale-but-not-in-a-good-way skin tone. I could never have got away with Chanel's last 'cult' offering – Jade. 

I don’t know whether this shade will suit me, but I’m desperate to try it. The fact I noticed Lauren Conrad wearing a polish that looked suspiciously like Particulière on both fingers and toes, did little to curb my enthusiasm! Roll on 29 January when this shroom-hued delight will be available at Selfridges. 


  1. Nails Inc Jermyn St is a pretty good (cheaper) dupe!

  2. I agree with Vex - see my blog for photos! I still want the Chanel one though!


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