Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fern Cotton Has My Boots

One thing I didn’t mention in my Tagged: Getting to Know You post is my passion for shoes. After all, it’s not exactly news when a girl can't resist a pair of purple suede ballet pumps with bows on the front. We will be glossing over the fact I once asked my mum (her again) if I could sleep with my new shoes next to my pillow.

Now 26, my feelings for shoes have not diminished. I have probably about two suitcase’s worth (separated into ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ boxes!) but I always want more.

Recently I came across this picture of Fern Cotton wearing a fabulous pair of boots. Madly in lust with them, I trawled through every shoe website I could think of until I found what appeared to be the same pair at ASOS. They’re Kurt Geiger and cost a hope-shattering £200.

Obviously I went straight to the KG website and found them on sale for £79! Time to pull my top over my face and skid across the kitchen floor on both knees shouting, "THERE IS A GOD!" Until, that is, I spotted une petit détail: ‘Sold Out’.

It was just like the time the Clarks assistant told me they had none of the ruby red patent maryjanes in my width measurement. Gutted. Back then I would’ve cried, now that I’m grown-up I’ll just… drive to Cabot Circus in Bristol to see if they have a pair in the KG shop? Failing that I will definitely admit defeat (while checking eBay and planning a very specific robbery on Fern Cotton’s house).


  1. They are indeed burglary-worthy!
    Thanks for blog follow.
    Amina x

  2. Just check right now... almost a year later, and they're still sold out! life's cruel.


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