Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Handy for Winter

When the weather gets cold my skin dries out like an old, abandoned husk. Whatever I do, no matter how many ‘intensive’ moisturisers I layer on, it’s still the same: flakey, dry, unpleasant.

My face won’t allow its dry self to be made-up properly, my back looks fine but gets tight-feeling on the bit I can’t reach, and my hands, well, let’s just say I recently referred to myself as 'Nosferatu' while making the requisite ‘reaching’ movement à la the film.  

I’ve tried every hand cream under the sun; none of them repair the damage. I have to walk the dog about 5000 times a week, so they take a beating.

Luckily my thoughtful Aunt sent my mum a lovely bottle of Liz Earle's Hand Repair for Christmas. Fantastic natural ingredients, such as bergamot, chamomile, neroli, hops extract and vitamin E, mean it smells fresh and herbal. There was no need for my usual rub-backs-of-hands-together technique to avoid the dreaded slippy palm. It sinks straight in, no greasiness and it’s good for nails too. I love the matte finish it leaves, courtesy of the Talc.

Within a couple of days my hands no longer resembled those of the undead, and they’ve stayed moisturised, even though I haven’t been using it religiously. The pump-lid bottle is also super-useful, although I don’t know how you’d get the dregs out once the pump stops working. There's a range of sizes available with prices starting at £8.75 for a 50ml tube – up to £19.25 for the 150ml. 

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