Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My Little London Shopping List

Next week I’m off to the big smoke for an exciting meeting, which I’ll hopefully be able to tell you all about afterwards. While I’m there I thought it would be rude not to partake of the very generous amenities offered by Oxford Street and suchlike. I have no money, but that’s pretty much irrelevant. Here’s my wish list so far…

Bobbi Brown Foundation

Not sure which one yet – I’ll be relying on the makeup lady at Selfridges – but every beauty bod in the business raves about it, and I want a piece of the action! The Luminous Moisturizing Foundation beloved of DINKYLondon looks like a good place to start the swatches.

Evolve Body Moisturiser
Ever since the lovely Grace at London MakeUp Girl recommended it, I’ve been keen to try Evolve Radiance Boost Smoothing Cream. Today she told me about a shop called Content, which not only stocks Evolve, but many other natural health and beauty treats. I will definitely be stopping by.                                

Something Topshop
Much as I hate the scrum involved in entering tweenie-hell, otherwise known as Oxford Circus Topshop, I still always go there when I'm in town. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually managed a purchase but I’m in the market for some kind of voluminous blouse to wear with skinny jeans and heels. Think Lauren Conrad (always).

Being a bit of a country bumpkin, I'm not too clued up on cool London shops, so if anyone has any insider advice or recommendations, please leave a comment.


  1. I adore - seriously - the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturising balm, it's amazing stuff, and lasts practically forever if you don't slather yourself in the stuff like what I do!

    I'm trying some Evolve stuff at the moment, it's not at all bad.

    Have a nice time in thatLondon!

  2. Thanks hon! I know I'm going to want the entire BB counter. I need more base - I swear I look rough all the time in winter.

  3. Uniqlo - try Uniqlo as well as Topshop, I love their skinny jeans. It's not quite as much of a scrum as Topshop, and the prices are excellent. The new Jil Sander spring collection there looks nice too.


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