Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Styes in their Eyes

I’ve noticed quite a few people holding ‘blog sales’ recently; that is, beauty bloggers selling the products they no longer need/want. While I’m all for recycling and thrift, isn’t there something undeniably iffy about paying for someone else’s castoffs?

If it were clothes, that would be different – you can wash them. If the products were unused I’d also have no issue. It’s the idea of buying used makeup from a stranger. I’m not up for that.

I’ve swapped makeup with friends plenty of times; that colour isn’t good on me but it’ll look great on you, that kind of thing. But these are people I know, not strangers poking their (potentially unwashed) fingers in my blusher pot.

It’s not just the idea of buying used products either – the thought of selling my own ‘pre-loved’ makeup is equally unappealing. I’d be too embarrassed to consider it; the way I wish people felt when they offered used spot sticks and similar at car boot sales. What a nerve!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bloggers wanting to sell off their excess products: when you love makeup it’s easy to find yourself drowning in lipsticks and eyeliners. It’s just not something I can see myself participating in unless, perhaps, it was something like a foundation, where the dispenser is fixed and doesn’t come off.

Maybe I’m a germaphobe, and I’m sure most people are perfectly clean, but used makeup doesn’t sound hygienic to me. Visions of styes and cold sores swim before my (blissfully uninfected) eyes, and I know that I’d rather pay full price for something new. 


  1. I so agree with you. Although, I could probabyly handle most things except eyeliner, mascaras and any lip stuff. Ewwwww. Second hand glosses gross me out the most for some reason. xx

  2. I've got so much makeup from magazine beauty sales that I don't know what to do with it... having said that I find shopping for things like that on eBay seriously worrying, I'm always convinced that that Jo Malone bath oil is just going to turn out to be battery acid in a pretty pot... eek!


  3. I don't really have an issue with using other people's cosmetics, most people are fairly happy to sterilise/sharpen the stuff that they sell. And you can always clean them yourself if you're that way inclined.

    What I find sad about these blog sales is that the products that are being sold are the ones that were being raved about just a couple of weeks/months before. If they're so good, why sell them?

  4. Thanks for all of your comments ladies. I hope I haven't offended anyone with this post. I know lots of stuff is perfectly hygienic.

    I can't believe no-one has taken the piss out of the title! Only me laughing at that one then.

  5. It's a terrible, terrible pun :)

    I don't think it's any worse hygienically than using makeup testers at a counter (which skeeves me out at most counters.)

  6. I am more afraid of cosmetic counters. One time I was at a Stila counter and a fly was stuck in a lipgloss palette. I don't try much from any of the testers anymore. :-|


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