Sunday, 24 January 2010

Wonder Perfect Eyes

It’s not very often I come across a product and think, ‘Damn, I’m going to have to buy this for the rest of my life.’ But that’s what happened when I first tried Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara.

It wasn’t love at first site: I dislike the chunky, plastic tube, which I assume is supposed to look like metal? It doesn’t. What happened to the actual metal of the chic red tubes, Clarins?

Packaging aside, I was immediately impressed with the way it applied; no blobbing or clumping, and I didn’t need to wipe any excess off the wand. No bits fell under my eyes either (unlike Revlon DoubleTwist Mascara, which I keep alluding to in a faux-mysterious way, and which was shockingly bad). Wonder Perfect opened up my eyes and coated and curled each lash evenly (I didn't use eyelash curlers before applying). The comb and wand were easy to use and just the right size. 

These pictures show me sans mascara; with one coat on both upper and lower lashes; and with two coats on upper lashes only. You can see I wasn’t kidding about being pale – my eyelashes are blonde with white tips and my eyebrows are virtually white too!

I’ve been more than pleased with this mascara’s staying power. After a day’s wear it looked virtually identical to when I first applied, with little or no flaking beneath the eye. 

I’ve never been able to find a cheap mascara I was content with, and even though £18 every few months is a lot, I can't see me using anything else now that I've tried this. A true 'holy grail' product, and I don't say that lightly. It's available in three colours: black, brown and blue. I always go for black, even though it looks quite dramatic on me. I'm not one for subtle lashes! 


  1. thanks for the reccomendation. even though some beauty products are expensive i think if your using it on your face everyday it should be good quality. xx

  2. Your eyes look amazing with that mascara - makes a difference to see a real pic for once instead of those horrendous adds where they wear falsies. Am tempted, although I have very sensitive eyes and find Blinc mascara is really easy to wear all day. Plus it comes off in tubes with a little warm water - no fuss - perfect for lazy mascara wearers like me.

  3. Beautiful eyes :) and thanks for recommending that.
    P.s you go oxford street right? You should go to this massive shop called 'Selfridges' they have number 1 brands and many designer brands. You get to try on makeup in a massive area they provide. (: hope it helps


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