Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day Five: Diet and Detox

Dieting on the weekend is hard. Especially when you've got to stay in and dogsit, with nothing to do but think of all the lovely food in the cupboards, none of which you can eat.

Last night I had to go to the supermarket, foraging for a bean salad. It wasn't pretty. I'd been crying my eyes out watching Steel Magnolias. Do diets make you extra-emotional? I thought I was going to hyperventilate after Shelby's funeral.

The checkout man looked worried and started asking me if I'd had a bad day. I couldn't bear to tell him I was on a very restrictive diet and hadn't eaten anything apart from a smoothie and a bowl of miso soup. I bought some salted popcorn because I figured it wasn't really a grain. Turns out it is. A sweetcorn cob is basically a massive wheat sheaf. I haven't eaten any.

Lowri's due to phone me on Tuesday. I'm not sure which food she'll suggest reintroducing, but I'm hoping it will be good with butter on it.

Oh yes, and one of my supplements definitely has asparagus in it. I've not eaten any asparagus, yet my pee tells me I have. You're welcome for that detail. I'm in a very giving mood today.

On the upside, prior to this weekend lull I was managing quite well and particularly enjoying the hypnotherapy cds I've been given to listen to at bedtime. Super relaxing: I can barely slam the lid of my laptop shut when one finishes. Lowri says the people who're most successful on the programme are those that do the most hypnotherapy. If that's the case, I'm going to be thin, clear-skinned and healthy-bodied in no time.

With two days to go on week one, I've not cheated once. It's been a tough weekend but I know I won't crack. Next weekend promises to be trickier: I've got a massive night out for my friend's birthday and the permitted two vodka lime and sodas are not going to cut it. I'm also very concerned about the thought of dieting on a hangover. Surely that's against the law? I'll see what Lowri says and report back.

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  1. you're doing so well!!! Are you feeling any different? tres jealous re: hypnotherapy cd's!!! :)


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