Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Day One: Diet and Detox

As I type, my stomach is dealing with the ten or so different tablets I just fed it. It is also processing a smoothie (aka breakfast) made of banana, almonds, whey powder and ice. My tummy and I are both feeling pretty anxious right about now. 

Sitting on the train back from London following my meeting with Lowri yesterday, grasping a bag full of vitamins and a diet programme, the post-hypnosis calm had evaporated and I began to imagine being on this diet for at least a month. 

For the first week I am not to eat any grains (bread, pasta, pizza, rice, cereal, biscuits, pastry... you get the idea), nor am I to have any cow dairy. That's nixed 80 per cent of my usual meals. 

My new mantra is to be 'Protein first and always' – this translates as protein with every meal and snack, and I am to eat it first (at least a mouthful or so). My normal diet is low in protein so I realise this will be good for me. As a vegetarian who eats fish but doesn't feel like it half the time, it might, however, prove rather tricky. The aim of eating all this protein is to stabilise my blood sugar, prevent cravings, improve my skin and keep me feeling fuller for longer. 

The supplements I've been given are to address a range of issues I'm currently afflicted with: problem skin, sensitive stomach, damaged immune system and a tendency to gain weight around my middle (although my overall aim is not weight loss, I'm hoping it will be a pleasant side effect). If you're thinking 'that looks like a lot of supplements' you'd be right – eight different types, most of which have to be taken several times per day. 

Once I've been food shopping and stocked up on the things I'm allowed to eat I think I'll feel less daunted. Organisation is going to be key to making sure I reach for the right foods when hit by hunger pangs. I'm pretty stubborn, so I'm hoping that's going to get me through. I also want to see maximum benefits. After this week I may be able to reintroduce certain foods, but for now, I'm in detox mode! 

I'm also going to have a go at recording my first video blog today, which should be interesting... I'll let you know when it's up on Va Voom Health (Lowri's site). At present, my skin is awful (dry AND spotty), I feel tired all the time; basically my body is trying to tell me that things aren't right. Well body, I'm listening. Now you just get absorbing those supplements while I go and find some things for you to eat. 

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  1. Sounds really interesting, I look forward to seeing how you get on. Good luck!


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