Saturday, 20 February 2010

Fashion & Celeb Spotting at LFW

On Friday I made my first foray into the swirling cauldron of creative loveliness that is London Fashion Week. Mayah Riaz, editor at DEEN Magazine, showed me the ropes as we took in the first show of the week: Paul Costelloe. 

After being seated in the second row, directly behind GMTV stylist Mark Heyes, and opposite Hilary Alexander, Telegraph fashion director, Mayah tweeted, and I fidgeted in anticipation. 

The lights dimmed and the models began to stalk down the catwalk, the music a quiet lullaby, rapidly changing to a thumping beat. Heels were very high (and bending scarily), models legs were wrapped in opaque black tights with tight rubber legwarmers worn thigh to ankle. 

Themes included woven metallic fabrics, both plain and brocade, pompadour crimped and backcombed hair, heavy wool tailoring, highlander-style full-length coats, neutrals worn with black, high waists and exaggerated poof skirts. My favourite pieces were the 7/8th copper trousers, the pale half-length belted coat, and the dark metallic brocade dress. 

After coffee to refuel, we made our way over to The Waldorf Hilton Hotel for Maria Grachvogel, where we met Katie Antoniou of London PlinthAs Yasmin Le Bon and Erin O'Connor scooted past, my excitement peaked. 

The collection consisted largely of beautifully cut dresses in aquatic hues, melding into bright chartreuse, jade green, and black, sometimes within one piece; creating an impression of a stormy sea and jagged rocks. The occasional pop of red added contrast. 
Every dress, top or trouser shared the same expert draping and gorgeous fluid silk finish. The only distractions from the soft, molten lines of the clothes were the models' hip bones jutting through the fabric. Intentional juxtaposition of spiky and soft? I didn't really care: you could tell they were all tiny-boned and naturally miniscule. However, I couldn't forgive the blonde-haired model for not getting her roots done. That dark stripe on her parting was distracting me from one of my favourite dresses of the show. 

With thanks to Mayah for her kind generosity and to Katie for the photos of Mayah and I, and Yasmin Le Bon and Erin O'Connor. 


  1. Brilliant post. I'm quite excited by the images that are coming out of LFW this year, looks as though we could be in for an exciting time fashion wise.

  2. Lovely to meet you x

  3. in australia, we call that model's regrowth a "vegemite stripe"! loved this post so much! x


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