Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Kate the Great

love Kate Moss: some may say she's overrated, or past-it. I say, look at what a wicked time she's having! 

In this era of colonics, wheatgrass shots and oxygen facials, it's refreshing to see a fashion icon whose main dietary intake obviously consists of vodka and cigarettes. So much more interesting than poncing around, banging on about drinking 57 gallons of water per day. 

I'm not saying she's a good role model, but then I'm 26, I don't need her to be. That's what I have Joanna Lumley for. 

Last night Miss Moss attended The Love Ball; an event hosted by fellow super, Natalia Vodianova, to raise money for the Naked Heart Foundation, which builds playgrounds for children in Russia. 

She wore a fabulous nude and pink outfit, elements of which I am coveting furiously today. Those pale pink leopard spot Louboutins are to die for! 

Kate's matching coat and clutch combo was also very elegant. Of course she got pissed and ruined the effect, leaving a trail of unflattering photographs for today's papers to criticise. Whatever. Did you see her shoes?!  


  1. I bet she had a fabulous time and didn't go to bed till about an hour ago. Viva La Moss.

  2. I love your writing! :) Serioiusly why hasn't ELLE hired you yet?

  3. And seriously, I DO know how to spell SERIOUSLY! LOL!

  4. Those shoes are pretty special aren’t they?
    I’m in the camp that I think Kate Moss is a bit of a skank, I try not too because really I admire her ability to drink like a fish and stay skinny, where as a glass of wine and I’m being rolled out of the door. But I do wish she’d take just half an hour out of her day to wash her hair, or even invest in some dry shampoo. It would help me like her a whole heap more.
    I agree with the above comment, why is it that you’ve not been snapped up????

  5. I think she's wicked, what I enjoy most about her is the excessive smoking and drinking, and she always looks amazing at the beginning of the night, who does look great all night? I think we all know it's not us xx


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