Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Last Chance Saloon

I was lured onto YouTube yesterday when Lisa Eldridge tweeted about the new video she'd just added regarding her favourite skincare products. Firstly, I should tell you that I'm crazy about these sorts of videos! I love seeing which products people recommend, especially when they have a wealth of knowledge like Lisa obviously does. For some reason I also find them very relaxing!

Afterwards I watched Lisa's video on primer. I found it very helpful in answering my queries on product layering: do you need moisturiser, SPF, primer AND foundation? Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what suits your skin because you're caught up in a long list of products you're being told to use.

One product Lisa recommended enthusiastically was Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – the old classic. Now, I've tried this before, several times, never with much success. When I put it on as a primer it caused 'piling', where your makeup comes off in tiny little 'rolls'. When I experimented with adding a tiny bit on top of makeup, it gave a good dewy effect, but didn't really last. 

Lisa explained that this balm has a 'film former' and needs to be applied in a pea-sized amount and smoothed in delicately without much rubbing. I've got an old tube of this lying around so I'm going to give it one last try! 

Are there any products with rave reviews, which you just can't get on with? How about those  you'd discounted at first but later came to love?


  1. I'm the same with YSL touche eclat. Everyone raves about it but it just leaves me looking grey and dry. Also Nars Orgasm, I love the look of it in the pallette but me it just looks shiny. I WANT to love them, but can't.

  2. yeah second touche eclat - ghost eyes (guerlain issima radiance pen much better or by terry), and yes i am unconvinced by flash balm - i used to use it in my teens and my friends always commented on glowy skin effect, but now not so sure - more like shiny skin effect and i think it makes me break out! yes second nars orgasm too i actually threw mine away though i do regret that! do love the matt nars blushes though.


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