Friday, 26 February 2010

Love her Look: Brooke Meyers

You know when you have a really specific idea of something you need, like a particular dress? I always do this. I visualise certain stuff; usually classics that will make the rest of my wardrobe go further. Whether I can actually find these things in the shops is another matter. 

With a few meetings coming up, I've got my heart set on a perfectly tailored, classic shift dress. The one I'm imagining is something like the one Jennifer Aniston's character, Brooke Meyers, wears in The Break-up. 

I love the cut-out in the back; although it wouldn't work with a bra, so that's out. It's blatantly Calvin Klein; mine will be Zara at best. I couldn't find any pictures so, geek that I am, I did (dodgy) screenshots.

It's probably Aniston's hot bod and wicked tan that make it look so good. The effect on a big-busted, pasty blonde will no doubt be somewhat different. We will see if I manage to find anything! (This is an exception to the shopping ban for work purposes.)


  1. Love cut-out in the back, makes it a different kind of LBD. Also, you can wear a bra, if you wanna be different with it. Carrie wore one in a sort of backless dress in the SATC movie. It was the dress she wore when she was in her empty apartment after she packed up all her stuff. I remember that because I SOOO wanted that dress and I CANNOT go braless. EVER. I figured if she CAN go braless and wore a bra with the backless/cut-out dress then it should be okay for me... although I am NOT Carrie and probably would NEVER do it... but yeah Rambling. I'll stop now.

  2. I love the cut-out back too. Not sure if I'd be into the 'bra window' element though, and def not for work-related stuff. Hello and please allow me to introduce my bra! I freaking loved that dress on Carrie though: it was kind of greens and purples with a burgundy-ish bra as I recall. Yes I do have the box set.


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