Friday, 5 February 2010

Love her Look: Poppy Delevigne

As I did my daily scout from site to site, looking at celeb news, fashion and beauty looks, I came across these pictures of Brit model (and Chanel brand ambassador) Poppy Delevigne; all chic stripes and modern red lips.

There's nothing controversial here, I just like the combination. I've always wanted to find the perfect lipstick to give me a fresh, casual red lip.

The thing is, red on me looks dramatic. I've never found the right orangey/red shade to complement my pale but warm skin tone. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. This is all for when my nutritious new diet kicks in and my skin's amazing, because one thing's for sure: red lipstick does wonders for highlighting spots! 

I found some other pictures of Poppy and I think she has great style. Not that it's hard when you work for Chanel, have your pick of designers, and a perfect model figure to boot. I'm not bitter.


  1. I'm just a smidgey bit obsessed with Poppy, she is so effortlessly stylish or at least that is how it appears I'm sure her team of stylists put a butt load of effort in. She is the one woman in the World who makes me wish I had blonde hair. Gorgeous.

  2. Yes yes, totally agree. She (and Claudia Schiffer I think) does the red lipstick (and hardly any other makeup)look brilliantly.
    I found it really hard to find the right red, and I used to work in Space NK, so I had a lot of time and lipsticks to try.
    I reckon that Lipstick Queen is the way to go:
    Saint Red is the one lipstick suits all colour which you've been looking for - and it's a little bit sheer, but with good strong pigment, so doesn't look too full-on, especially if you're fair.



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