Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Shopping the New Nude

Seeing as I have no money, I have taken to shopping on behalf of friends. Desperate I know, but people often ask me for recommendations on products, clothes, accessories etc; so now I'm purchasing by proxy. 

I'm quite taken with this leather bag from ASOS. The soft, nude leather will work perfectly with this season's neutrals. You could also pair it with a black outfit for the nude-with-black trend I spotted surfacing at LFW.

In the summer it'll look elegant with matching tan heels; instant leg lengtheners and something every woman should own. In fact I can't think of any outfit this bag wouldn't go with. 

It costs £65 and is available on ASOS now. 


  1. I love it...now I just need to remeber where I put those tan heels of mine,ha ha!xx

  2. Oh my god..you are like a mind-reader!! The very thing I am on the look out for is a beautiful nude bag...patent preferably. The one's I have seen so far are all too yellow toned, but this looks the perfect mix of buff and beige. Good spot!


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