Sunday, 28 February 2010

Shop of the Week: ASOS

As it's raining and I'm looking after the dog, I didn't fancy venturing out to the shops today in search of my Brooke Meyers inspired dress. No matter, for I have ASOS. 

I chose three slim, tailored dresses in order to make my purchases add up to £100 and thus qualify for free next day delivery. Hopefully one of them will be just the ticket! 

The option to view each item of clothing on a model walking the catwalk has saved me from many an inappropriate purchase. This, and the fact that they offer free returns, makes ASOS more appealing than most online retailers in my opinion. After all, if delivery and returns were always free, wouldn't you buy a lot of your clothes and makeup online? I certainly would. 


  1. Lovely dresses. I wish I could fit my arse into that kind of shape! Hope they all look fabulous on you!

  2. Loving the blog Laura (yes - your Facebook plea has worked!)

    I also love ASOS. I can't say I have fashionista motives (since I am about as far from fashionable as can be...) but it is cheap and cheerful and has lovely things!

  3. Ok im here! enough nagging from rogers to sign up to google has paid off!!
    I bloody love love love your blog, i have no need to buy any magazines any more, this fills my needs!! I honestly have a look everyday, woofs thinks i am addicted and yes laura, i am!
    Whats going on with the Kate Kanzier site? ive been looking everyday for a week to see their new stuff but its still not up and running, they are playing with my mind!
    Keep up the great work!

  4. I have a look every day too! and you will look amazing in those dresses La. I need to place that order myself!

  5. Thanks loves! Guess what? We have a triple dress fail situation. All too big. Damn this diet, Lowri! Ran off to the shops but sweet FA there. Got a cheapo from Primark as last resort. Not happy.

    Kate Kanzier site is showing the new collection now, Rach. Shop away. Email me if you need any advice: it's not exaggerating to say I tried on every shoe in the shop.

    Blog addicts are welcomed here. I am addicted to checking for new comments so suits me fine! x


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