Thursday, 11 February 2010

Shop of the Week: Kate Kanzier

I've wanted a pair of gorgeous Kate Kanzier ballet pumps ever since I saw them in a magazine months ago. I bookmarked the page and contemplated which pair to buy.

My laptop promptly broke (HP, two years old, they refused to mend or replace), I lost all of my bookmarks and I couldn't remember the name of the shop with the beautiful shoes.

I finally spotted a pair in another magazine this week and we're back in business! Kate Kanzier sells a delectable range of shoes and bags; from boots, to brogues, heels to clutch bags. Many are made of leather and all are very reasonably priced (ballet pumps are £20-£25).

There's a sale on at the website until 14th February. This means awesome bargains such as these pink patent buckle ballet flats (below) for £8, but also limited sizes and some out-of-stock bags. It's a transitional time of the year, so I expect once the sale is finished, more stock will be available.

I'm so tempted to order some shoes in the sale, but I think I might force myself to wait until I'm in London next week and visit their shop on Leather Lane. I fear I might get overexcited and develop a 'trolley dash' technique of trying on and buying far too many pairs. And then there's the bags! Oye!


  1. I think you may have just got me addicted to pumps again!!!

    emma x.x.x

  2. I visited the shop today! I got two pairs of leather boots for £15 each! OH YEAH! It was a strange, (painted) black little place, more like a storage room than a shop. The staff served out of a cubbie hole in the back, like a tuck shop! Still, the sale was ace, and there were tonnes of bargains to be had. I literally tried on every shoe in my size (or near enough) in the entire shop.

    My mum ordered some boots online and got free postage. If anyone wants to know what specific shoes look like in the flesh then ask me. Also, the bag above is only available in black now - sold out in brown. No more coming either. x

  3. I have only recently heard of Kate Kanzier -I dont know how it slipped by me for this long.I'm off to buy some brogues there this afternoon- excited. Love you blog.


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