Thursday, 11 February 2010

Smell like Pete's Woman

Having received a press release from Selfridges announcing that Peter Andre will be signing bottles of his new fragrance, Unconditional, on 13th February, I'm having a bit of a moment.

I know he's become strangely attractive since he got thin and shed the nightmare ex, but since when did women want to buy perfumes designed by Peter Andre?

He seems like a lovely chap, but if someone complements me on my delectable aroma, the last thing I want to be responding is 'Thanks, it's Peter Andre'.

I find all celebrity fragrances embarrassing to the point of shameful, but for some reason the thought of this one has tickled me. Are women who fancy Andre going to buy it on the premise of smelling like the kind of lady he would want to sniff? Please tell me this isn't the case!

You may also be intrigued to know that The Perfume Shop are describing the fragrance as 'proactive, sensuous and exciting'. I think this means that it will put the washing on, naked, while using a pogo stick. Exciting indeed. It's available from today: don't all rush at once!


  1. I can't believe nobody else has commented on this, there's a whole world of wrong going on here. Nobody wants to think of the fragrance they're wearing being in any way masculine, let alone developed by the man who brought us the muscle bound, oil laden treat that was the mysterious girl video, not to mention a man who was 'classy' enough to marry Jordan. Why do people fancy him anyway, he has a massive underbite x

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL. I just burst out laughing reading kc_acey's comment about his massive underbite. SO TRUE. I always thought there was something weird about his smile and now I get it! HAHAHA.


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