Thursday, 25 February 2010

Winter Nails in Berlin

When shopping's banned, you know what really cheers me up? Shopping. For smaller stuff.

I'm really sick of my sad little nail varnish selection, so I trundled off to the Mavala counter at my local beauticians in search of an update.

Being a small sort of place, they didn't exactly have the best selection. In fact I might be tempted to use the word 'naff'.

Pearlised everything, and almost all red, pink or suspicious brown. Luckily I managed to unearth a gem. Standing on its own, unworthy of an allocated spot on the naffstand, was a pot of 'Berlin' – a pale, grey shade (far left, below). 

I already have a grey polish by Bourjois but this looked lighter. I was hoping for that 'dove grey' look I saw on the catwalks last year. So far I've only painted my thumb (my 'tester' nail), and it's over the bright pink I already had on. It looks a little darker than I wanted. Maybe I should add a drop of white? 

I love Mavala Minis; they come in millions of colours, and are small and cheap (under £4.00 each). After all, has anyone ever actually finished a nail varnish? Mine turn into weird, gelatinous gloop long before I reach the bottom of the pot. 

I've got a couple of meetings next week that definitely require chic Lauren Conrad nails: now I need to put together a suitably chic outfit. 

This was a thinly veiled excuse to post some more pictures of LC.


  1. I painted my nails. It's pretty much the same colour as LC's in the pictures. recommended Essie's 'Great Expectations' as a truly pale grey. I shall purchase it in due course!

  2. Mine are grey today too - Velvet Tuxedo by Ciate.

    It's a bit too metallic to be as cool as LC's. OK, pearlised.

    I am wearing it with pride though, simply because I bothered to put it on...

  3. Me too! Every time I look at my nails I feel smug!

  4. it looks beyond fab, darling....this is the first and probably last time you will hear me giving LC kudos :) great color!


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