Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Carrie Bradshaw's Style Statements

Just as the oh-so-clever film trailer instructs me to, I am getting 'carried away' anticipating the Sex and the City 2 movie, which hits cinemas May 28. My friends like to recall the time we went to see the first film (on release day, naturally) and had to wait in a huge queue at the cinema. Despite having already bought our tickets online I managed to give myself a stress rash worrying that we wouldn't get in. That's how excited I was. Don't judge me. 

Now that I live approximately one minute from a cinema, I'm hoping to avoid similar incidents this year. But I can't promise anything. Here are some of Carrie's most inspired outfits to help get you excited too! Click on the image to see all pictures a whole lot bigger.  


  1. I always thought that it's not so much what she wears but HOW she wears it. It just looks perfectly on her. It would flop with a loud BANG! if I tried to pull off 70% of her outfits :P ah well.

  2. love it - cant wait either x

  3. OH I love the episode where she's in Paris...dress you've got pictured from that episode is one of my absolute favorites!!

    I'm looking forward to it but not sure it's going to be as magical as the first one :)

  4. I love every one of those photos, can't wait for the second film!


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