Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Eyeliner for Blondes

I'll admit I'm not particularly adventurous when it comes to eye makeup. I generally skip eye shadow, do a flick of eyeliner and lots of coats of mascara.

My eyelashes are super pale and my bare eyes look stark, so I only feel 'done' when I've got mascara on. Which is not to say I won't leave the house without makeup (that's what sunglasses are for!).

If I'm feeling bold I'll use a black liquid liner for my cat-eye flicks. It doesn't look subtle, but I like it. I might colour my brows in a bit to match. If I'm in the mood for something au naturel, I turn to my new favourite eye pencil: Prestige Classic Eyeliner in black/brown.

Why it's so difficult to find eyeliners in black/brown I do not know. Every pure brown liner I've ever tried has been reddish-brown coloured, like mud, making me look as if I have an insomnia problem.

This pencil is wonderfully soft and smudgy on application, allowing you to manipulate it easily with a brush and really get into the lash roots. However, once on, it stays in place all day. The colour is perfect for blondes with blue or green eyes, as it's not as harsh as black, but still gives fantastic definition. It might suit redheads too; my hair has a lot of red in it, kind of straw-coloured (and textured! Someone recommend a good leave-in condition already!).

If black/brown doesn't appeal but you're after a good eyeliner, this pencil comes in 14 other shades, from  sable to kiwi (a forest green!). Prestige also make a waterproof pencil liner, which I'd love to try. You can find Prestige in Boots. I bought my liner for £3.99.


  1. I need to check if I can find Prestige in Irish Boots. Would love to try this as I don't have any favourite eyeliner as of now! :)

  2. I adore Prestige pencils. They have fast taken over as my favourite pencils in both my kit and my own stash. They do a fab Purple shade in the Intense kohl version which is a lush cool tone, so won't give dreaded 'mixamatosis' eyes usually associated with plums. And they're cheap!!!

  3. Prestige Cosmetics10 March 2010 at 21:00

    So glad you all love our pencils! If you love the Classic Pencils, you will definitely love our Total Intensity Eyeliner Pencils.

    Thanks for being loyal fans!

    You can all follow us on Twitter: @PrestigeUS

    ...and become fans of our Facebook page:!/pages/Prestige-Cosmetics/127969689988


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