Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How to Fix a Broken Compact

My Laura Mercier blusher was mysteriously broken *cough* my brother broke it *cough* when I went to use it this morning. Not best pleased I asked my twitter buddies for advice on how to fix it. YouTube, oh source of all that is good and addictive, was suggested and the rest is history. 

I just used this technique, it took about five minutes and was akin to fun (for me anyway). Where the Americans use 'rubbing alcohol' we'd use surgical spirit. Also, I'm not keen on this girl's 'tapping' technique to get the powder mixture to settle. I wrapped a square D&G lipstick in a piece of kitchen towel and used this as a kind of 'pestle' to press down on the powdery/alcohol mush to get it to settle into the corners of the pan. Worked like a charm. Definitely give this method a go if you've any type of broken pressed powder. 


  1. I've lost so many gorgeous compacts to the trauma of dropping my bag. Good to know they're fixable! Nice one x

  2. 'Oh well I did drop SOMETHING: I was borrowing your tweezers. I put it back.' YOU DROPPED AN EXPENSIVE BLUSHER AND PUT IT BACK BROKEN!! I knew it. Also, I'm gonna go ahead and use that same surgical spirit I used to RESET MY BROKEN BLUSHER, which by the way, was two split colours, and now is ONE murky colour, to disinfect my bloody tweezers! UGH!


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