Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Traveling with Style

I was delighted to discover these when going through my bag this morning. The memories were hazy, but I knew what I had done. 

Having had two fab meetings in London yesterday, I met up with a gang of fellow bloggers, and so commenced 'Wine Night'. Rude not to partake of a few sips. After much merriment, not to mention applying of Lip Tars (my hand is still stained) it was with a heavy yet contented heart that I left my new pals to catch the train home. 

Being a chatty sort of fellow, I decided to peep through the gap in the seats to the boy sat behind me. 'Whatcha doin?' And so began an hour-and-a-half-long friendship in which we chatted about the children's telly we loved as kids, sang the theme music (ok, I did), and established that he's friends with my opposite neighbour.

These drawings are evidence that I made us play a classic game from school, where you draw a bit of a body, fold over the paper, swap with the other person and they draw the next bit. HIGHLY AMUSING. We both particularly enjoyed the exterior belly button.  

PS Yes that is a Jeremy Beadle hand. 

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