Monday, 8 March 2010

See How You Feel

'Dry eyes, burning like fire!' That's a little song adaption my friend Sophie and I came up with after too many hours spent staring at our computers.

My eyes have been feeling strange and sore ever since I got back from London last week. I've no idea why: no new lotions or potions have been introduced into my regime, and I haven't even worn makeup every day.

I do spend a long time at my laptop, but then I always have. Nothing has changed, and yet my eyes are irritated and I am irritated with them.

It's good to have eye drops on standby for bad eye days, but once you open them you're meant to throw them away after a few weeks, even though you've got loads left! Thankfully, Blink Intensive Tears have overcome this problem by creating single-use eye drop ampules, which come in a set and can be snapped off when you need them. I always keep one in my handbag for eye emergencies. (I'm the sort of person who walks past a bus, has dust flicked into my eye and has to toddle off to the eye hospital. This happened.)

I used one last night and it relieved a lot of my eye soreness. This morning the charming bloodshot look I was sporting after three hours of proofreading had also gone. They're fab as a quick fix. They cost £4.99 and are available from Boots and other pharmacies.

If anyone has any advice for relieving sore eyes, or suggestions of what could be causing this sudden eyetastrophe, I'd love to hear it. 

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