Friday, 5 March 2010

Straight-talking Skincare Advice

As it's Friday and the sun is shining, I think I'll be kind and share some more sage advice from our skincare expert and author of Beauty Mouth, Caroline Hirons. I was lucky enough to meet the lovely lady herself on Tuesday at our beauty blogger gathering, and I can tell you I grilled the poor woman for hours. She was most obliging and now I'm armed with even more product know-how. 

Which beauty myths drive you mad?
Pores are NOT DOORS people; they don’t open and close! If you have large pores, you have large pores. A toner – especially one with an insane amount of ALCOHOL in it – will not help you. Ignore the Clinique sales person. We used their No.4 toner to clean the counter.

How do you rate 'natural products' vs 'scientific' ranges?

Personally I'd be lost without both. I like high-tech around the eyes and as a serum. At the other end of the scale, I love the benefits of organic balm/rosehip oil, particularly massaged in thoroughly. 

What emerging trends are you seeing in new products? 
There is still a huge buzz around peptides, with firms trying to out-do each other with more and more peptides in their products. 

I wish people would move away from glycolic acid and instead look to lactic and malic acid. Step away from the glycolic people, and for god’s sake stop with the microdermabrasion! Enough already.

Thank you to Caroline Hirons for her sage advice. Find her at


  1. Heart be still!! Noemie Lenoir!! swoooon....I'll have to look into those lactic and malic acids, she didn't give any specific products with those in them to look out for? wonderful posting as usual :)

  2. Lisa Eldridge spoke about lactic acid products in her favourite skincare products video, posted here in February:


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