Monday, 12 April 2010

Avon Calling – Anyone Listening?

I've always heard good things about Avon products. As I understand it they use high quality ingredients and surprisingly sophisticated formulations (for the price). 

I've tried a few products over the years and all have been good. 

Rumour has it that the original Skin So Soft range repels mosquitos and midges; the reviews over at the Avon website certainly support this. They're going mad for the Original Dry Oil Body Spray

Since the sun came out I've been using Skin So Soft Soft & Glow Satin Glow Daily Body Moisturiser for fair skin tones – catchy name huh! Mine is an old tube I had lying around. The new version is Skin So Soft Soft & Glow Ultimate Body Moisturiser SPF15 – Fair/Medium. I believe that it's the same product but with added SPF. A customer who reviewed the product in February 2010 explained that she's been using it for a couple of years, so it must be pretty similar. 

I really rate this product. In fact I'd say I prefer it to the other gradual fake tans I've tried, which include Johnsons, Dove and St Tropez. Those products all made me feel like I might slide out of bed in the middle of the night as my skin was so wet-feeling and disgusting. This actually dries to 'feeling moisturised but I can put my pyjamas on right away' rather than 'I will just perch naked on my towel for 40 minutes, freezing cold and angry'. 

The colour is warm and convincing, and you can actually see it after one use, unlike many gradual tanners. It has the old fake tan smell but it's not particularly strong. I always use these products at night and wash them off in the morning, so I wouldn't benefit from the SPF but it might be useful for some.

Having had a look on the Avon website, the prices are very reasonable; for example this fake tan is on offer for £2.50 for 250ml. To me it feels strange to consider ordering my run-of-the-mill cheapo toiletries online, rather than popping to Boots or Superdrug. But supposing you actually get better products for your money? It might be worth being a bit organised and getting your basics delivered to your door. Standard delivery is £3.50. 

If only UK Avon would start doing Mark cosmetics as advertised and worn by Lauren Conrad, you know I would be on board! With an already highly successful e-commerce site, and the recent acquisition of Liz Earle, whatever your thoughts on Avon, there are exciting times ahead. 


  1. I'm so excited I've found someone else that loves Avon! I really like it! I bought a few bits at the end of the year to try out and their makeup is really amazing! I'll totally be trying out the gradual tan as well! Thanks my dear! x

  2. I was, for a brief and not-very-lucrative time (I was my best customer...), an Avon lady and I still order their products. Another bonus is they don't test anything - end products or any of the ingredients - on animals. I swear by the Dry Oil Body Spray too, and it smells lovely!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. And Jess, I didn't know you were an Avon Lady! What an honour! No animal testing is impressive too. Go Avon!

  4. Ooo, interesting. Had been reading only yesterday an article on The Sunday Times Beauty Awards - apparently focusing on "effective and affordable products", and they recommended Avon's eyecream - it's my next purchase:

  5. Oi 'Anonymous', I like your comments but get on and follow like a good girl eh? Please and thank you.


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