Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Braids are Back

According to the humble plait is the hairstyle de la saison. Whether creating an intricate up-do or a simple braid, we should all be giving ourselves arm ache as we weave up a storm.

I've never mastered how to do a proper French plait (or wanted to, beyond the age of 10) but I can do small braids going back from the temples to form a 'half-up, half-down' style, as one of my friends calls it.

I'm not so sure about the 'rope' plait, as seen at Alexander Wang. For one, a plait on mid-length hair just smacks of low effort school teacher. It won't be hanging Rapunzel-style down my back; it will be sprouting like a pig tail over my shoulder. Not really the same appeal.

Hair that's plaited and pinned up off the neck has always appealed to me. Just as long as it's steered away from Jane Eyre severity by freeing a few loose tendrils.

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  1. I LOVE he one on the first photo <3
    casual yet so sexy :) I just wish my hair was longer for this braids season :)


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