Tuesday, 13 April 2010

No Wool or Wellies for Suri Cruise

Something that's been bothering me for a while is the tabloid media's obsession with high-heel wearing brat-in-training Suri Cruise. Why on earth is anyone interested in the daily activities, and worse still, outfits, of a child?! 

While googling her to find out her age for this post I was horrified to stumble across a little something called the 'Suri Cruise Fashion Blog'. Yes people, that's a blog dedicated to the fashion of a three year old. This 'fashion blog' has had 577414 visitors, plus one disgusted sane person. Excuse me while I just dedicate a blog to my toenail. 

I find it repulsive that she wears heels; there's nothing like sexualising a toddler! There have also been pictures of her wearing makeup. What's wrong with those kits of peel-off nail varnish and plastic lipsticks I had when I was little? That stuff was awesome! Plastic fluff-topped heels for tottering around the house were also highly fun. 

Most little girls love all that 'grown-up' women's stuff, but that doesn't mean you have to indulge them! Suri's going to be one spoiled, self-important madam at this rate. Maybe the contract Katie signed (you know it was a business deal marriage, right?) was only for one kid, I don't know, but Suri could really do with a little brother or sister to steal her thunder, because at the moment it's pretty clear who rules the Cruise household with a pudgy iron fist.

Anyway, I was way cooler than Suri Cruise...


  1. Laura what a treat to get to see those pictures of you as a littleun, that's made my day!
    I agree, whats wrong with a brown corduroy jumpsuit (me)!
    Get her a sibling quick!

  2. Apparently Tom has old Katie on a fatten you up for a baby diet, so maybe there'll be another hideous little cruise nightmare soon for all the mentals to be obsessed with xx

  3. i LOVE your pic montage!!!!!!!!!!! xxx


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