Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Shopocalypse is Upon Us

I popped into Aldo today and immediately fell in love with these gorgeous sandals. The shape is perfect, the heel is doable, and the colour is... Well, the colour is weird and I'm not happy about it. You know what I'd prefer? Plain.

Remember plain? You probably don't, but I'll describe it for you. Once upon a time shops sold stuff that came in regular colours. It was possible to buy clothes made of unpatterned fabric printed with neither floral sprigs nor nautical stripes. Tops came without ribbons, pompoms, lace or cut-out backs. Dresses had non-inherant belts and hips that didn't form a tulip shape. 

Clothes had a thing called 'structure' and were made of materials other than t-shirt jersey. It was even possible to purchase items that had lining and didn't give the wearer a pot belly. 

Shoes had heels that enabled you to walk, and were available in non-luminous colours that actually went with the aforementioned non-luminous clothes. It was even possible to buy shoes that didn't have a platform sole, if you can imagine such a thing. 

I realise that this rant makes me sound about 87 years old but is it too much to ask for some affordable clothes, made of decent fabrics that are not aimed at 12 year old chavs?! I just want a plain god damn shift dress and a bit of choice! Stop trying to make me buy TAT! 


  1. I'm with you on this one - begone the platform shoes please!

  2. hello, laura, welcome to the evolving world of fashion through the ages! :p

    your loving friend, heidi xo

  3. LOL! Thanks for private joking all over my blog 'Heidi'! You and your pigtails can take all of the floral dresses and GTFO! x

  4. I like this a lot, it showcases all the feelings i felt you bubbling up with during the shopping trip yesterday. My favourite line 'and the colour is... Well, the colour is weird and I'm not happy about it. ' So you Loz xx


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