Thursday, 22 April 2010

Summer in the City


Having found myself working in an office for the first time in a while it has been interesting to try to rustle up enough smart clothes to wear. I've been playing a little game (with myself) called 'how long can I go without wearing the same thing twice?' So far it's nine days. I've mainly been wearing dresses, as all of my skirts are too big (following the diet). I also find throwing on a dress way easier than trying to coordinate separates.

My search for the perfect shift has yet to bear fruit but this one from Full Circle is pretty swish. I like the tight fit and modern detailing. It's 100 per cent cotton but I cannot establish whether it's lined or not. It's available in blue, black and (vom) pink and costs £55.

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  1. now that's a cute dress! i really dig it, has more of a unique touch


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