Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Will You be Wearing Power Shoulders?


Ever since Balmain showcased power shoulders on almost every piece in their Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, exaggerated shoulders have been edging their spiky selves onto the high street.

When mainstream retail shops latch onto a particular trend like this, you can pretty much wave goodbye to any clothes that don't feature it. When it comes to power shoulders, if it's a simple case of shoulder pads you can always snip them out. However, if it's the actual cut of the fabric that's creating the shoulder detailing, you're in a make or break situation.

Do you love or hate the power shoulders on this cream French Connection dress? I quite like the angular shape, but I'm never crazy about cap sleeves; they're so unflattering on the potentially flabby armpit area! I also wonder if you can actually lift your arms in this dress. To be honest, I'd prefer it without the shoulders, because it wouldn't date as quickly.

If you've got the gorgeous armpits required to make this dress work and cash to splash, it costs £85 from French Connection and is available in cream and black.


  1. I don’t like it, I don’t like big shoulders in general. To be honest I think if you’re tiny and have small shoulders it doesn’t look as bad but if you’re a little larger it just makes you look HUGE.

  2. I like the dress but agree the sleeve length could be unflattering, elbow-length sleeves would be much nicer.

  3. I really love this Balmain look and Mike wore it extremely well. I know, I'm the minority among the "group" as usual. The truth is this look isn't meant to be adopted by everyone (look at past trends of low-riding jeans, baby doll dresses, etc.) I hear you on flabby armpit but that's the thing, these clothes are made for non-flabby people to wear. Unfair? Gross? Welcome to the Fashion World!

  4. I think this look would be nice for an outing where you want to be perceived as assertive or in charge. Power shoulders for a powerful gal. But as mentioned above, its only going to look right on certain body types, just like any fashion trend ever created. LOL

    There is always going to be a group of ppl who just can't pull it off. There are a few looks I like that I just can't seem to look right in. LOL

    C'est la vie


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