Friday, 21 May 2010

Bleached Blonde Eyebrows

This 'trend' is a bit of a puzzler if, like me, you've always imagined what it must be like to have strong, defined eyebrows.

You see, my brows are naturally pale blonde; as in they have no colour whatsoever. I don't mind them; sometimes I fill them in (although I never think it looks quite right), but most of the time I just leave them au naturel. I barely pluck them – strays don't really show when your brows are transparent – and I try to feel grateful to have such wonderful 'low maintenance' eyebrows.

One of my friends frequently lambasts me for not filling them in, but I won't subject my little blonde brows to self-hate. No way. Surfers' eyebrows, that's what my mum calls them. Male surfers?

Designers send models down the catwalk with bleached brows at least a few times a year. It makes them look very strange – I guess that's the appeal. There was a bit of an eyebrow-bleaching fad in LA around 2000; Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani both partook. Again, not their best looks.

All of which leads me to ask, are my eyebrows unflattering? Hopefully they're not because mine are natural, and none of these ones are. I dyed them dark once with a pack of Eylure eyelash tint. My mum was on me like a sniffer dog the second I arrived home: 'Something's different! I don't like it! What IS it?!'

Whether you've got perfect arches or see-through brows, let's all take a second to laugh at Chanel Iman's dyed ginger pair. She must have been really miffed at the makeup artist that did that to her.


  1. Personally I think it looks quite cool. If the person is fair already, I'm not sure it looks quite right with darker hair. It gives an effect though.

    My eyebrows are quite dark and I have blond hair. I always think it makes my hair look fake blond haha! Although I have never thought about dying my eyebrows, maybe I'll give it a go. On the other hand, I really don't want them ginger lol.

    Laura xx

  2. on some people i think it looks amazing. i know it's not for me though! i have transparent hair everywhere except on top of my head and my brows. i'm thinking god did it for a reason and to i should leave it alone! x

  3. My father in law, who is 55 recently shaved off his eyebrows!!!!

    once i had finished laughing at him, I asked why?

    His reply. Why not.



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