Thursday, 27 May 2010

Clutching at Straws

When you were a child did you ever have one of those little straw bags with the strap made of rope? Those were the days. I'm harking back to a time when I'd carry a bag with nothing in it except maybe a leaf and a particularly 'good' feather.

These days my bag may be full, but my love of straw purses remains unchanged. These four are some of my current favourites.

Clockwise from top left
Sunrise weave clutch, French Connection, £20
Petra clutch in bamboo, Kate Kanzier, £20
F&F straw clutch bag, Tesco, £7.50
Recife straw in off white, Anya Hindmarch, £225


  1. Trust me to lust after the expensive one!!! *drools*

  2. I think I carried pebbles and 2 pences in mine.

    Not sure I'm on board with straw bags.Don't think I'm pretty and dainty enough to get away with one!

    quite like the tesco one though


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