Thursday, 20 May 2010


£140 for a floppy little summer dress French Connection? Really?

I do see that there's beadwork, but we all know where that's usually done, who by and what for. I wish the price reflected the salaries of the factory workers but I'm doubtful. A few beads does not add £100 worth of cost to what (I believe) this dress should be selling for. It's made of viscose, not gold thread!

We're in an economic depression here, please go and have a word with yourselves.


  1. ha ha, good post. fc is sooo overpriced i rarely go in there any more. and is it just me or have the dresses for about the past 5 years been virtually identical???
    that said i did see some lovely navy flared jeans in there t'other day.

  2. Morning rant, I like it so!
    * drinks coffee *
    I actually went to French Connection store when I was in Berlin, and run away faster than I went inside. Pricey, pricey, pricey...

  3. i NEVER go in french connection anymore! back in the day half my wardrobe came from there but it's MASSIVELY overpriced these days! boo to fcuk!!!


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