Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Pretty Little Peppermint Purse

I've noticed recently that a lot of my clothes are either black, grey, navy, or perhaps a mixture of these 'colours' via a print. I do like bright colours, espcially for summer, I just buy them less often.

Everyone knows that perky accessories are an easy way to liven up a bland outfit: I have a particular weakness for red belts, bags and shoes. I've decided my clutch collection needs a bit of an update and I'm on the look out for envelope clutches in bright yellow and red.

Peppermint green was never on my radar before I spotted this beautiful little French Connection number. I love the scalloped edge. It costs £40, so it's not cheap for a little bag, but it is leather.

I'd like to examine it in person before buying, but in the mean time just know that this little peppermint purse is on my mind.


  1. I love this and actually don't think £40 is bad for such a unique colour, love the scallop detail too.
    Thanks for the link to the youtube video, I think I'm going to treat myself next week!

  2. A peppermint purse - it even sounds beautiful. Loves it.


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