Saturday, 8 May 2010

Review: Scin Luxury Pedicure

Not being a London lass, but having developed a worrying Wahanda Mob Deal habit, I have to cram my treatments in when I can get 'em. Knowing I'd be in London for the Andrew Collinge blogger event I helped to arrange on Wednesday evening, I managed to shoe-horn in my Scin pedicure appointment in the afternoon. 

The fact that my train was twenty minutes late meant that I was late to my appointment; cue me running down Great Portland Street in three inch heels. I rang to say I'd be a little late and they were very nice. I couldn't have my appointment run over as I had to get going to pick up the booze for the event straight after (it's a hard life, I know), but they would have accommodated me if I had wanted this. 

The therapist sat me down and and offered me water, which I glugged back in half a second. She made sure I was comfortable and then fetched the warm water-filled foot bath to soak my tootsies. 

There were Essie varnishes in a box next to me so I started having a browse. The therapist then seemed to want me to pick which colour I wanted immediately, even though I'd only just sat down and she hadn't even started yet. I felt slightly harangued but luckily I knew EXACTLY what I wanted, as I'd already researched Essie colours on the net. (Yes I researched nail polish: what do you expect from a beauty boffin?) Geranium was my choice  a bright orange-red. Except they didn't have it. Gutted. They didn't have any orange-reds in fact, only a coral, or a christmassy shade. 

Me: Oh, but I wanted an orange-red. I wanted Geranium. 
Her: This one? This one? 
Me: No that's not it. 
Her: *blank face* 

Riggggght. Guess I'll just pick from these 20 non orange-red colours then. I choose the coral; I don't know what it's called – I wasn't enthusiastic enough about it to find out. 

The therapist then started filing my nails; asking me what shape I wanted. Nail-shaped? She filed my feet briefly, and in a ticklish, non-brutal way, which I was a bit disappointed about. She put cuticle remover on and pushed back and cut my cuticles slightly, which didn't hurt (unlike my only other pedi, in Thailand. Let's just say there was blood-loss). She applied a very satisfyingly scratchy foot scrub, rinsed it off and added some cuticle oil. I promptly dunked one of my feet back into the basin as she hadn't moved it and hadn't told me not to. Whoopsy.

Next up was moisturiser and a little foot massage. She rubbed my legs and caused my RioBlush to start pilling and coming off. Forgot to warn her about that, but then didn't expect my legs to be massaged. She was very sweet and we patched my pins back together with some moisturiser and a tissue to blur the tan/no-tan line. 

Base coat, two layers of coral and a top coat later and I was ready to put my flipflops on and dash off, heels dangling from my finger (so that people knew I'd had a pedi and wouldn't think that I thought a shift dress and flipflops was an acceptable combo. It isn't, Kelly Brook.)

So, to summarise: the technician was gentle, she did a great job and my nails looked pretty. My feet weren't totally free of dry skin, which I was disappointed about, but then I did lose ten minutes of appointment time. I paid £20 for this pedi via the Wahanda deal. Its full-price cost was £50 and I would never pay that in a million years. If I was paying £50 I'd expect feet the likes of which the world had never seen, so intense was their beauty. As you can see this is not the case.

Apologies to all those who hate feet; I'd get complaints if people couldn't see the result. 


  1. You should always get a leg massage with a pedi, thats how I was trained. I charge £20 for a luxury and £15 for a maintenance pedi, let me know if you are down the north kent coast!

  2. lol, I'd rather put pics of me up with no makeup on, having not plucked my eyebrows for a month that post a pic of my feet, so well done you! doesn't sound like an experience worth £50, but your toes do look pretty x

  3. Just reading this makes me yearn to go and get a pedicure! Sob. Shame about the colour. I am loving some of the Opi shades.


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