Sunday, 2 May 2010

What I Bought Today: Tan Heels

A wear-with-anything pair of tan heels or wedges is an underrated summer essential. They are super-flattering; making legs look longer, and neutral, so they don't clash with the colours or prints in your outfit. I try to buy a new pair every year because I wear them out. This year I spotted these vintage-looking beauties on the New Look website.

They're made of buttery-soft leather, which is unlined, so the inside is soft suede. The heel is wooden, not naff wood-effect plastic, and a wearable height that (hopefully) won't cause me pain. I love 'em! And they only cost £25. Maybe I should buy a spare pair?


  1. I saw SHOES and immediately perked up! Those are super cute, perfect for the non-stop walking I do as a NYer. Unfortunately for me I haven't been able to figure out UK shoe sizes yet. :(

    Great choice tho, they'll go with just about anything. Thumbs up!

  2. Our sizes are two sizes smaller than yours. So here I am a 7, in the US I would be a 9. Yuck, that sounds massive. They deliver for £7.50 if you wanna get a pair!

  3. LOL! Thanks! I'm a 9.5 in US sizes, sometimes a 10. But you guys don't have half sizes, so that's the issue. I'm thinking an 8 might be too big, but a 7 would be to small? I guess it would depend on the make and type of shoe. I'm still debating on whether or not I wanna take the plunge and just return them if they don't fit. They are adorable!

  4. Ok, they fit me perfectly and I am a small/regular size 7, so if you're normally a 7.5/8 I definitely think an 8 wouldn't be too big. Plus the slingback makes them a bit more adjustable. I also think the soft leather would accommodate wide feet quite well.

  5. Otay! I think I might have to pick these up and shop around some UK sites now that I know what size would work best. Thanks LaLa you're such a fabulous fashionista!

  6. I love these!Perfect for everyday... And so cheap!I'd buy another pair ;)
    Tonia xx


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