Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Get Your Glow Back

Clearly no-one told Jessica Biel that there's an easier way to get a skin-smoothing salt scrub than dapping around in paddling pools and rubbing herself against rocks. 

Since being sent Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow to test, I have been buffing my skin to shiny-shinned perfection. In fact, mine and Jessica's bodies are now nearly identical.

As always with Elemis, you can expect a little bit of spa luxury in your bathroom. The jar is ENORMOUS, which means you get a lot of product, but it's also a bit cumbersome. My shower only has a tiny ledge, so I've taken to grabbing this stuff mid-shower, holding the jar with one hand and scrubbing with the other. Turning the shower off and giving yourself a thorough rub-down would be the best method.

The scrub is in a loose, grainy form similar to rock salt and is dry to the touch. On contact with skin and water it creates a glorious oily mixture, which is so satisfying to use I can only compare it to one of those naff wooden backscratchers with the carved hand at one end. Pure joy! The oil leaves skin moisturised and soft and the smell is zingy yet mild.

According to the blurb on the Elemis site, ginger stimulates the metabolism and tones the skin, while lime peel cleanses and purifies. I've never had so many reasons to be a scrubber! 


  1. sounds great, how often do you scrub?

  2. Probably every other day or every three days, depending on if I remember. My skin can take a lot of scrubbing! It's lazy!


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