Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Review: Aveda 45 Minute Luxury Manicure

We have a guest blogger today on SO FAR, SO CHIC in the shape of Laura of This Is Miss Laura. She stepped in to use my Wahanda voucher last week and has provided this fantastic review:

On Friday afternoon, I was lucky enough to experience the uber pampering 45 minute Aveda Luxury Manicure and I have to admit, as far as manicures go, this is the best I have tried. I like to keep my nails short – they’re easier to maintain – therefore I don't go for manicures on a regular basis as I never feel it’s worth it. Wrong! Even if you have short nails, simple maintenance makes so much difference and takes you a step closer to that effortlessly groomed look we all desire.

The Puro Lifestyle Salon & Spa located in Marble Arch boasted a super-relaxing atmosphere and my beauty therapist, Wafa, was amazing. I say this not because I'm writing a blog post on this treatment and need something to say, but because she has actually made a huge difference to something I was incredibly self-conscious of. About ten years ago I shut my nail in a door and was left with a damaged nail with a huge vertical grove down the middle. On the rare occasions I have been for a manicure, the therapist usually recoiled in horror or disgust. I've never known how to repair the nail and it has never ‘grown out’ as the doctor claimed it would. Wafa took the time to buff and buff and buff my thumb nail with her super soft white buffer and after 15 minutes of graft, my thumb nail was almost smooth! This was a huge plus for me and is a perfect example of the therapist really taking her client’s needs and concerns into consideration.

After careful cutting away of dead skin and my cuticles being pushed back and treated to the gorgeous and nourishing Aveda Cuticle Control, my hands were given a moisturising treatment and massage using Aveda Hand Relief, which smells divine!

Each step of the manicure was carried out at a calm pace and I didn’t feel at all like the treatment was rushed (which is always something I'm wary of when purchasing a special offer). My nails were then prepared with a base coat that gave them an amazing sheen before the colour was applied; a beautiful mauve tone that compliments my pale skin. Two coats of colour and a top coat was added, which also enabled the nails to dry more quickly.

I left the salon a very happy customer. In fact, I would even go all out and say that I'd pay the full £30 for this treatment. The staff were lovely and friendly without being too intense and I felt immediately relaxed and at ease. I couldn’t stop admiring my nails and three days later they still look fabulous. Even my boyfriend commented on my now non-hideous nail and my nails in general without me mentioning anything about the manicure! Thanks Wahanda (and Laura) for this wonderful and highly recommended treatment.

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