Wednesday, 14 July 2010

London Lady Day Out

Today brings a welcome bit of glamour to my dull, rural life, for I'm off to London for a very ladylike day out. 

First on the agenda is an hour-long massage at Hydrohealing Day Spa in Notting Hill – another naughty Wahanda mob deal. 

I'm then off to a Christmas in July event where I'm hoping to partake of a free manicure on my newly improved nails (taking B-Complex has stopped them from splitting! Miracle.)

After that I'll be (literally) running to meet two different sets of people for drinks at the same time. Yes I know that's impossible but I do try to pack everything in when I'm in town. 

Last but definitely not least, this evening marks the Zuneta-organised Edward Bess event where the makeup artist will launch his range in the UK. Very exciting! If you're keen to see the products on offer, has the lot, plus videos on application featuring the man himself. I can't wait to see what unfolds and, most of all, to catch up with my beauty blogging pals. 

Cross your fingers that the trains run on time because this is a finely tuned operation without a minute to spare! 

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