Thursday, 8 July 2010

Magazine Photoshop Madness

Harper's Bazaar could use a less heavy-handed designer to work on their covers. Trying to perfect ex-model Cameron Diaz's mug was too big of a task, so they just rubbed out her face and made a new one.

Why do they do this? The aim of a celebrity cover is to increase sales. Magazines want a big name who everyone will recognise and have an interest in. To wipe the character and individuality out of that person's face completely negates the point of choosing a famous actress in the first place. Not to mention the fact that Cameron looks far better with her real (post-op) nose, non scooped-out shoulder and regular waistline.

And don't even get me started on Britney's massive bashed-on-too-far-down-her-neck Barbie head for US Cosmopolitan. There are no words.


  1. They have airbrushed it so much her face looks lopsided and her nose looks straight! Which it famously is not! oh me oh my. x

  2. It's so silly, she looks gorgeous in the right photo but so fake and un-natural on the cover of the magazine x

  3. Britney looks utterly bizarre, seriously. It's just not hot!

  4. TOTALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! i love it when people just say what they think - there are so many bloggers that are just far to proper and dont want to offend. love it love iiiiit keep it up. and i couldnt agree more.
    at my age (34), i seriously cant be doing with seeing skinny airbrushed people to make me feel even more insecure than i already am!!! well done.x

  5. Thank you Smaira. You won't have any trouble getting me to say what I think! x


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