Thursday, 15 July 2010

Review: Hydrohealing 60 Minute Massage

As I sat on the train to London contemplating how the hell I was going to make my appointment with only 15 minutes to spare (as of course, my train was delayed), I couldn't imagine being able to relax and unwind once I hit the treatment table. Well, a taxi sorted the first problem; the second was remedied by a woman named Jane.

Arriving at hydrohealing Day Spa I was impressed with the set up. The reception was very light and bright, the staff were lovely, and after a glass of water and a couple of forms I was taken downstairs to the treatment room.

As soon as I was inside I knew the mad dash to the train and subsequent stress would soon be forgotten. The room was immaculate: tiled walls and floor combined to create a clean, professional space, while the bright white towels and comfy looking treatment table invited me to lie down and relax.

As Jane was about to begin the massage I enquired as to whether she could focus solely on my back instead of my whole body as advertised. She was completely obliging and immediately made me feel comfortable.

To the massage. Oh the massage! When asked what type of pressure I'd like, I said medium. You see, there was an incident a few years ago at The Randolph Hotel Spa in Oxford where I asked for a hardcore 'tension-relief' massage. Cut to me, biting the towel my head was balanced on and having to stop myself from swinging a punch at the masseuse as she repeatedly prodded the endless knots popping up from my shoulders like a colony of meerkats. Never again. I had no such problems at hydrohealing. Jane gently but firmly zoned in on all of my tense areas, gradually working them out with minimum discomfort, maximum pleasure. An hour flew by in what felt like five heavenly minutes and I was left to quietly get dressed.

I paid £20 for my hour-long massage as it was a Wahanda mobdeal. I'd say that was an absolute steal! If you're ever in the vicinity of Notting Hill and in need of a little pampering, I wholeheartedly recommend the hydrohealing Day Spa. They offer a wide range of treatments including their signature hydrocushion three dimensional massage, where you lie face up on a heated water pad while being massaged from underneath!

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  1. That sounds amazing! You really had a pampering day of it, you lucky thing. :)
    Jane x


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