Monday, 5 July 2010

Shop of the Week: Peacocks

Even though the weather's been pretty good, I'm still dreaming of tropical climes. England on a sunny day is a glorious thing, but I don't live near the beach, I can never completely relax and drinking rum punch from dawn 'til dusk (at work) is 'frowned upon'. Whatever! I desperately want a holiday.

The background to the picture above was the view from my balcony in Tobago in 2008. I liked the island so much I went back for a month near the end of that year. Due to a conspicuous lack of funds I haven't been abroad since.

However, in the spirit of generosity (and seething jealousy) for those about to leave the country, I feel duty-bound to draw your attention to the lovely selection of holiday apparel available at Peacocks.

Many years ago this shop was my little secret. It's not difficult to unearth a few very reasonably priced gems. I'd like every item pictured but especially the dress, purple jellies and anchor bikini. The shorts have gone out of stock since I put this selection together, sorry. I'll update the link when they're back in.

Clockwise from top right:
Leather Thong Sandal, £16
Flower Earrings, £3.50
Heart Print Triangle Bikini Set, £9
Metallic Collar Necklace, £6
Denim Sailor Shorts, out of stock
Sling Back Jelly, £5
Nautical Bikini, £12
Placket Vest, £5
Lace Panel Top, £16
Zip Back Dress, £20

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  1. I love peacocks, I remember growing up it was never the shop to be 'seen in' but my nan always use to pick me up things in there.

    & I still shop in there today, you can get some great bargains and good quality of clothing for a great price


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