Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Shop of the Week: Topshop

I've been on the lookout for some plain, dark denim shorts that aren't cut-offs and unable to find a pair anywhere. They all have some form of vile embroidery or creepy 'distressed' patches. Finally tracked down a pair on the Topshop website, although I am a bit scared by the fact they're labeled as 'hotpants'. Am hoping they're just short shorts. Can't be doing with Jenny Lopez looking bum-cheek grazers. Popped a couple of sizes in my online shopping bag in the hope that one will work.

I have an issue with paying for postage and the site offers free delivery when you spend £100, so... I spent £100. To save £3.95. I'm assuming one or both of these pairs of shoes will be rank in the flesh and I'll be able to take them back. I'll be really cross if they're both keepers.
Hula Tassle Sandals, £28
Blue Denim Hotpants, £25
Velocity Heavy Studded Pumps, £22


  1. Ooh the sandals look fab! Topshop never disapoints! :) xo

  2. lol, I love your posh slang. "Oh my, *clutches pearls* these vile shoes may be rank! I'll be so cross!"

    bwahahaha....*hands cup of hot tea and crumpets*


  3. I love the look of the studded pumps, please report back and let us know whether they're as nice in real life!

  4. I definitely will. I'll take some pictures when they arrive.


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