Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Totally Tanned

After my patchy Lancaster tan eventually wore off, I moved onto Elemis Total Glow Self Tanning Cream. This has a texture similar to Avon Skin So Soft Soft & Glow Ultimate Body Moisturiser – kind of a dryish lotion. It's not drippy so it doesn't run; there's time enough to smooth it on evenly and it's quickly absorbed and doesn't leave skin feeling wet. Macadamia nut oil, jojoba, vitamin E and milk proteins work to counteract the inevitable drying effects of the tanning agent.

According to the tube the colour should develop within two to three hours – I was counting on it to take care of my pasty legs while I was out and about. Unfortunately it seemed to take a lot longer, more like six to eight hours. Pretty typical for a fake tan, but a bit annoying if you were relying on it to give you a tan in a hurry.

The colour was mild but even and natural looking. It was a little more yellow-based than Lancaster's Fast Dry Bronze Water Spray, which, despite being utterly crap, did give me the best colour I've had from a fake tan (in patches). The result will depend on your skin tone: my skin's a peaky pale yellow, so I prefer tans with a red-brown finish as they warm it up. If you were more of a pinky shade, Elemis would probably be ideal for you. 

I'm only just getting my sense of smell back following sinusitis so I have no idea whether this whiffs. I've not had complaints from my rude brother though: he's usually the first to tell me that my perfume stinks, or that he can't stand chutney and can I please take my toast outside.

The colour fades evenly, which is important  there's nothing worse than pale-all-over with lovely tanned armpits. All-in-all, a quality product that's easy to use, but probably not the perfect colour for me. 

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