Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Battle of the Belts: Burberry vs Boys' Brigade

I've been in love with this Burberry Prorsum Icon Military belt from the moment I saw it in a fashion mag eons ago. I didn't even bother finding out the price. (A £20 Topshop belt is a rare treat these days.)

Walking past 'Venus Vintage Boutique' in my home town last week I did a comedy walk-past-walk-backwards move as I saw the 'Boys' Brigade' belt (above, right) in the window. Très similaires, non?

After having a little chat with the shop owner (and discussing how Savannah Miller  Sienna's sister  pops in regularly. She lives around here. Gutted I've never seen Sienna or Jude Law!) we discovered that the belt's stitching had disintegrated while in the sun of the window. The owner agreed to sell it to me for a reduced price of £25, instead of £45 (that was never going to happen), as I'd have to get it repaired myself.

It had to be a ruddy antique! I just wanted a belt like the Burberry one! I still haven't decided whether to buy it. I don't particularly enjoy taking on leatherwork projects. Decisions decisions. One thing's for sure – nothing* will be purchased, antique or Primark, until I'm paid.

*Excluding the two items procured in New Look today.


  1. super cute! I'd go with the boys brigade if it was up to me! xxx

  2. Lovely belts, I think I'd get the boys brigade and take it to be repaired. You'd get lots of wear out of it x


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