Monday, 2 August 2010

Celebs Dip-Dyeing for Ombre Colour

No time to get your roots done? No problem. The women of celebville have declared ombre hair to be not only acceptable, but desirable.

While us mere mortals can aim to achieve the look by cancelling a few trips to the hair salon, the A-listers get their grown-out ends painted on via balayage. These hand-painted highlights are applied without foils. Instead, colour is swept onto individual sections of hairs, lighter at the roots, and more densely on the ends, for a natural sun-kissed effect.

Of course it takes a lot of effort to look this low maintenance!


  1. Why would you want to look like you need to go to the hairdressers? Not sure about this look xx

  2. Frustratingly, I was trending way before my time whilst growing out my colour 2 years ago. I'm always so ahead of the times!

  3. I luuuuurve this look, have noticed it around for a while now and really want to get something like this done for myself - however having jet black hair makes it difficult to pull off. Rubbish. xx

  4. Mmm i like it but wouldn't try this myself, I never thought black & blonde hair looks right together.. great post :) xo

  5. i usually get my highlights done under my top layer as being a student i can't get my colour done as much as i would like. this look is starting to grow on me tho!xx

  6. I can do crap colour any day of the week ;). I can't believe they need it painted on. I can achieve this level of unkempt effortlessly!

  7. Getting my hair dyed like this in November when my hairdresser has a colour sale, I have naturally dark brown hair about 3 inchs below my shoulders.

    My hairdresser is wanting to do it cause it'll be her first person doing it on, if i goes wrong it's only hair so I don't mind that much and she wants practice.

    She said she'll just go down the colour chart to about a medium blonde, looking forward to it!


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