Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Edward Bess Factor

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting makeup maestro Mr Edward Bess at the Zuneta-organised UK launch of his makeup range. And oh what a pleasure it was! (Sometimes late at night I still think about his swishy, shiny mane of hair, fluttering gently in the breeze of the nearby air con machine...)

We were presented with gorgeous, wearable products designed by a man who truly cares about making women look and feel their best. Edward was an absolute joy, even telling Grace London and I that we (meaning bloggers in general, not us two personally) 'rule everything' in the beauty industry. I'll take that.

I wouldn't allow myself to buy anything due to monetary limitations but I'd have happily picked up one of the perfectly-textured and toned Ultra Luminous Bronzers, the soft and smudgeable Ultra Luminous Eyeshadows (I liked Dusk) or the dinky little Compact Rouges.

We lucky ladies were gifted an Ultra Slick Lipstick in Secret Desire  a pretty rose pink. Despite loving its moisturising, fig-scented properties and wanting to show you how it wears, I'm looking like something that got dragged out of a drain as I've a pile of proofreading the size of the Yellow Pages to get through and will seldom be leaving the house this week. However, the always perfectly primped Make-Up by Katy has blogged pics of herself wearing the lippy here, while London Makeup Girl has blogged about the bronzer and eyeshadows here.

Apologies for my startled expression and seemingly extra-large head taking away from Edward's Twilight-esque good looks. 


  1. It all looks so sleek and gorgeous and covetable!
    And isn't he just gorgeous too!

  2. A bit of a 'pot calling kettle' moment here, but how old IS he? Dishy though.. xx

  3. He's only a wee bairn! Makes me feel rather inadequate...

  4. I think he's 24 if memory serves me correctly. He was lovely and the products are gorgeous. I really want to get more from the Edward Bess range. I'm extremely impressed with the bits I got.


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