Friday, 13 August 2010

For the Love of a Good List

I'm a stationery kinda girl. Always have been. I used to watch Going Live and dream of winning the Pilot Pen Set. If I had the opportunity to select and purchase a number of different coloured pieces of card in a stationery shop I was a very happy girl. Every school trip meant a new rubber from the gift shop.

On my last birthday, my mother bought me a 'Filofax Mini' in a pink leather case with matching pink pen. A Filofax. I scoffed quietly at the 80's appeal of it and the fact that in my mother's mind, if I was to be a journalist, a career woman no less, I would be needing a Filofax. I also couldn't believe the price (she'd not removed the sticker).

I like lists but don't often need to make them because unless I'm utterly swamped, I can remember everything I need to do without writing it down. I recall this puzzling one of my colleagues at my old publishers. Basically, if I'm writing lists, I'm overwhelmed.

Recently, however, my head has been spinning as I lie in bed at night and I've found that writing a list of stuff to do the next day (in the back of my Filofax – of course) helps me to stop worrying and go to sleep. Before I go to bed I cross off the tasks I've completed and add some new ones for the next day. Very organised, very satisfying.

Aside from the blank 'notes' section (which is nowhere near big enough) my handy Filofax is also a diary and an address book. What methods do you use to keep organised? I never put anything on my Blackberry – does anyone else? Let's talk stationery!

I don't really write 'proofreading' in my diary every day, or 'proofreading sucks' (although it does). The reminder to blog about my Filofax was also a little joke... honest! 


  1. J'adore my filofax. When I first bought it it ended up weighing a ton after the first week as I bought every insert going. Rather like now when I installed every app on my new i-phone. I still love the ritual of writing down details rather than typing them in. I trust my own handwritten scribbles more than my computer for some reason?..

  2. I'm like Katy, for some reason I trust my filofax and wall calender more than my comp!

    I'm extremely organised, but only because life now dictates it! I have 3 small children, a husband and a house to run, I have article ideas for MAF buzzing ing my head all the time, and I work as a makeup artist too!

    I have an A5 filofax with this years and next years diaries, and half a tonne of notepaper (I don't use the address section for some reason) and its still exploding!

    Paper and pens, essentials in my life!

  3. AM obsessed with writing things down. I can't operate my life electronically. It requires pretty notebooks and equally pretty pens to write everything down with. I could LIVE in stationery stores! Especially if they stock cute origami paper as well! I never leave the house without a notebook and pen! xxx

  4. I wrote a post the other day about my love for stationary and my new purchase of a "pack list" notepad for my holiday!

  5. I am a total stationary junkie...I can wander round Paperchase for hours!

    Writing things down is far more calming than tapping it out on an iPhone or computer! Long live the power of scribble! :)

  6. I used to love my filofax and wouldn't go anywhere without it. I even had a work diary, a home diary PLUS a filofax to keep everything together. But since I've got my blackberry I haven't touched it. It's sitting in my drawer, feeling a bit unloved. Come to think of it I may get it out and have a little play... xx

  7. I'm always put off by the price of a Filofax. But I am obsessed with stationery. Tonight after work, instead of going to the pub, I went to STAPLES! Stocked up on pens and new journal. Wanted a posh pencil case but got a simple value one instead. It'll only get battered in my bag. My problem is that I have tons of notebooks and journals. Full of nothing.
    The only thing that is full is my diary. Getting one and making sure I used it, saved my life. It's pink and I love it.

  8. I'm absolutely thrilled with all of these comments today - thank god I'm not the only stationery geek! The comment above us probably my favourite EVER.

  9. I'm exactly the same! I adore stationary and could spent forever in Staples or Muji drooling over the pens/notepads/compartments!

    I've never had a filofax, as I'm obsessed with moleskine journals and carry mine everywhere religiously! XX

  10. Finally home and able to have a decent look at your lovely filofax - so excited about mine now! We will be filofax twins! Let's do lunch, get your PA to call my PA and we'll pencil in a date.. Ohhh, I've already got into the filofax spirit! xx

  11. Hahahaha! Lina you big dork! I'm just pulling my filofax out of my briefcase ready to hand it to my secretary. I need new diary pages! ARGH! xx

  12. I am also a stationary girl (and can't walk by Paperchase without buying some-thing). LOVE my Filofax, LOVE writing lists and LOVE hearng how others set up their diaries... thanks for sharing.


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